Monday, August 08, 2005

cheap lesson

So my friend and co-worker Nate won the big tourney this weekend. http://jollymon.blogspot.com

It took a long time to play and like a trained goldfish, my attention span was not my strongest asset.

I did manage to finish in the money, and so for the purposes of discussion, I spent some quality time with some friends, entertained myself for a few hours, and walked out of it none the worse for the wear.

The cheap lesson for today: DO NOT, under any circumstances, when the board is showing a king high flush with 4 diamonds (meaning that anyone with a diamond in their hand has a king high flush) bet "all in" with a pair of Aces....get out of the way, let the other guys beat each other up with their flushes and survive to play a different hand.

Achim's razor applies in poker---sometimes the easiest explanation is the best.

If it appears that the only way someone would be going hard and check raising a pot is because they have the nuts, they probably do.


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