Tuesday, August 09, 2005

somebody call the ASPCA

Because I am this close to watering my neighbors' dogs with antifreeze.

I love dogs, I always have. I couldn't wait to adopt my current canine companion, my wife adopted him for my 21st birthday and he is not just my pup, he is a full fledge member of the family, he travels with us, sleeps on a bed next to mine, he doesn't get locked up outdoors, he basically lives like a king.

So when I am this frustrated with a dog situation, it is extreme. My neighbors have a completely feral bassett hound and a full blooded absolutely intimidating-"straight out the hood" pit bull--(with crystal blue eyes). These two mongrels sit outside all day, (with very little human contact and not much water or shade or any of the other essentials to continued existence). They begin their chorus of barking around 4:30 or 5:00 and continue uninterrupted until I leave for work. At some point animal control will have to be contacted, because it is one thing to interrupt my life. It is entirely another thing to make it impossible for my baby to sleep. (we are expecting our third child in Sept) The situation must improve in the coming weeks.

Its really about common courtesy. If you have a stupid, untrained, howling spawn of a long eared inbred wolf-derivative that uses it's considerable lung capacity to bark for hours on end---it is your responsibilty to SHUT IT UP!

OK, that's enough on that subject. (for the record, I won't feed the dogs antifreeze, but I will make my displeasure known to the neighbors)


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